And the winners are…

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our Easter Online Raffle. We are pleased to announce our winners are (drum roll…)

  • First prize of Afternoon Tea for Two at Pettigrew Tea Rooms – SYBIL FOWLER
  • Second prize of our Easter Egg and Chocolate Hamper – ELERI DAVIES
  • Third prize of £20 B&Q Voucher – DONNA PEARCE
  • Fourth prize of a £20 Nandos Voucher – HANNAH FURNISH
  • Fifth prize of £20 Nandos Voucher – ANNE SWALLOW

Through our Easter Online Raffle we raised a fabulous £153 which will go towards our Ray of Light support services in South Wales.

The amount will be generously match funded by Lloyds Bank, along with the recent raffle we held at the Karen Wilson night. Making a grand total of £877.22 raised through our recent raffles!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this fabulous amount.

Happy Easter!

Spreading the festive cheer

At Ray of Light, we know that Christmas can be a tough time – especially if you have, or are caring for someone with cancer.

We work hard to support people all over South Wales, and this Christmas we wanted to spread a little joy to show people how much we care.  Last week we delivered 32 food hampers, 135 care packs to homes and hospitals, and 68 gifts to children of the families we support in the hope that a little act of kindness will go a long way. We are so grateful to Interlink RCT who funded the Acts of Kindness Gifts, and to the Capital FM & St Davids Toy Appeal for the amazing gifts we gave out to the children. Continue reading “Spreading the festive cheer”

Befriending Week 2021

The 1st to 7th November is Befriending Week. It is a chance for us to celebrate and raise awareness about everything #BefriendingIs.

Our mission at Ray of Light Cancer Support is to offer best possible support to anyone affected by cancer. We believe that no one should face cancer alone; we are a welcoming community, a place to go for free support for everyone, along with their families, friends and carers.

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic so many services to support people affected by cancer were on hold, or ceased entirely.  But at Ray of Light Cancer Support we continued offering our remote services – at a time when people needed them more than ever.

Donna Pearce knows how important it is to have someone to just be there for them.  And now Donna is volunteers for Ray of Light to support others in the same position. Continue reading “Befriending Week 2021”

On the ending of the year

As the dark nights set in, the leaves are pretty much all fallen and the heating is firmly on, things can be difficult. These signs that signify the passing of time are emotional when someone you care about is ill, especially if you know they are not going to recover. The seasons changing can leave you wondering whether this may be the last time they see autumn turn to winter. It might increase your worries about whether they will see another spring, or summer. Continue reading “On the ending of the year”

Helping children to understand

When a parent or adult relative gets diagnosed with cancer, it can be hard to know what to tell children. Depending on how old they are affects how well they are going to understand anything complicated you try to tell them, but even a very young child will be able to understand some aspects of a cancer diagnosis so being open and honest is the best route to take. Children of all ages are very perceptive and are likely to fill in any blanks that they don’t know. This can be scarier than the reality sometimes and as a result it’s important to make sure children feel able to ask questions. Kids know when something’s wrong and it’s important that they trust you to tell them what’s going on. Continue reading “Helping children to understand”

Communication in relationships

We all know communication is important – telling people your thoughts and feelings is the only way they can really know your perspective, but that is easier said than done. When you are supporting someone with cancer, you may feel that you have to be the strong one. The person with the diagnosis is the most important person; their feelings, worries, desires are going to come first and mostly you will want to enable them and do whatever you can. Sometimes, when you’re so focused on someone else, the communication between you is damaged.

Continue reading “Communication in relationships”