Meet The Team


My name is Sue and I am the founder of Ray of Light Wales.
I started this group 9 years ago to help those who are supporting someone with cancer.

I’ve supported both parents and other family members through their cancer diagnosis and at the time felt that I was completely lost, alone and isolated.
Trying to cope with daily family life whilst supporting a loved one can be extremely difficult.

To be able to volunteer and provide the opportunity of a support network for others is rewarding in itself.
Cancer touches the lives of so many.
It is important that those supporting, whether they are family, friends or carers also have someone to talk too.

Our support group would not exist without our wonderful volunteers, both past and present.
We offer a friendly welcome to all as well as online support.


I volunteer to make a difference in someone’s life when they are going through the unimaginable.
I hope to provide a minor distraction.
Carers are just as important as anyone affected as they have to continually stay strong.
They need to feel valued and have a friend to talk to about anything, who will listen.


Originally I became a volunteer to support Sue with setting up the
choir for Ray of Light.
I have also lost many loved ones to cancer.
There were times I felt lost, lonely and no one to talk or turn too or even sit in silence and just be there.
Volunteering enables me to offer support to others who maybe going through similar emotions at which can be a difficult time that I felt wasn’t there for me..


I decided to help volunteer to give something back to the community.
I take part in a few charity events for Cancer, i.e. Race for Life and wanted to offer support and advice for carers who sometimes get forgotten about.
I encourage people to join in the choir as well, as this helps make new friends.
Singing changes your mood and helps uplift you. It helps with mental awareness and generally gives you that feel good factor.
You can lose yourself in a song and have no worries for that moment.


I started volunteering for Ray of Light to help support people caring for a loved one with cancer.
On a personal level, cancer has had a big impact on my family and at the time, there wasn’t any type of support for families going through this.
It is really rewarding to be able to offer support to the carers, families and friends as they’re important too.
I especially love taking part in the choir as I find that it improves mental wellbeing and gives you the chance to focus on something else.